Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Visiting

The last time I updated this blog was two months ago(on my 20th birthday). I cannot totally say that I’m back again in the blogsphere(this post is not an implication). It’s just that it’s hard to maintain a healthy blog when you don’t have an internet connection at home and you are just renting in an internet café like me. As a blogger you have to maintain a good traffic to also maintain good PR. This page got a PR of 3 before…and according to some of my fellow bloggers it was good( though I didn’t understand them at first) but for me it was excellent. Well, it’s just that ‘what would you expect for a newbie like me?’. Though I log-in almost everyday before, I could not seem to master the whole sphere because my time(and also my money) is limited and I am still a student. 3 hours a day is not enough to update your blog, read comments, read messages from your fellow blogger, read their post, post comments, send messages and etc.

But to tell you honestly, blogging have contributed a lot to my being. This is where I made a new circle of friends from all over the world, I get to know the attitude and culture of other nationalities through my bloggers posts, get to know places that were unknown to me before… and I get inspired and enlightened by the experiences and brilliant ideas of my fellow bloggers… and ofcourse this is where I discovered that, somehow, I can write a little… somehow I get others opened their minds and inspired them by my writings. I maybe cannot update this blog as often as I can but one thing is for sure, I’ll find ways to visit here and post some of my thoughts. And If we can afford to get our computer connected to the internet few months from now, then maybe that’s when the time that I can say “I’m back!.”