Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unstoppable Reality!

Be practical!
when your suitor ask
what you want...
stuff toy?
be practical!
"BIGAS" gurl!

The message was sent to me by a friend. It's just some kind of a joke when you just read it but pay attention to it, it speaks the reality here in the Philippines!

My gradparents and I usually go to the market every week to buy things(groceries, ketchen products, etc.) we need at home and my Lola's medicine. Now we do it twice a month. And if my aunt goes out to the market he(my lolo) would just send her money and she'll do the groceries for him so he could not waste money for the gasoline. And these past weeks I would often hear him saying: "mahal na ang bigas, mahal na gasolina, mahal na lahat! haaayyzz... wala na talaga!" My mother and aunties(guess the whole citizen of the Philippines) are also complaining with the prices of products in the market, specially the price of RICE!

1 kilo of rice today's worth PHP 42.00. Would you believe that?!...well, you need to, it's the fact!
When I was in high school, 1kilo of it just worth PHP20 something. I'm in my 4th year college now, and in just 4years, its price was doubled! phew!

I always believe Philippines has hope..but at this point of time, with these crises(political, economic, agricultural, societal) we're having right now...I don't know! I'll just wait for miracle I guess.

We are not rich and we are not that poor neither...and the over pricing in the market is really a BURDEN for much more to those poor people, the poorest of the poor?! Do you think they will survive in a JUST way? I don't think so!

I guess the author of that texts just wants us to open our senses to the reality. We have to be concious on what is happening around us..and be ready to the unstoppable reality!

PHILIPPINES: Rice shortage hits poor as government grapples for solution
Rice-land shortage

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Life is really unpredictable...T_T

just read Tina's latest post...and i was really shocked sa nabasa ko. Parang nanindig lahat ng balahibo ko. I can't believe it! I'd never met ate emel personally(pati c tina)--just met her at the mIRC, a chat server-- but they became part of my life kahit papaano. Nakakalungkot talaga...and sa totoo lang, para na akong maiiyak(how much more sila tina and her other friends). i've seen their friendship and how much they value one another.. pero talaga ngang ganito ang buhay.. *sigh*

i wish you peace Ate emel! i'll cherish the moments na nag-uusap tayo.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have you watched the Pinoy Big Brother nomination night last night? honestly, i don't like the other housemates' idea for nominating Robi. It's not because your rich you are not worthy to win right? The game is not about who needs the money and who's Does NOT!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Unexpected!

"there are things we don't expect to happen that really happen. am so sorry na sa hubby mo pa nangyari ang ganun..."

…those were the words I’ve said to Mummy Sheng last Saturday to make her feel better when I read in her space the incident that happened to her hubby.

Few hours after sending the message to Mummy Sheng, I decided to log-out. When I opened my pouch to get some money, my nerves trembled when I found out that my wallet was missing. I was so sure I put it inside my bag before I left home. I started panicking. Got no money to pay the café for my internet rent.

One hour before I decided to log-out, I went to the comfort room. Having thought that no one would touch my pouch, I left it on my station.

I asked the counterman if he has seen anyone or someone went on my station but said he hasn’t. I asked the other customers—with suspicion that one of them was the thief—but said they haven’t. If one of them stole my wallet, he/she is crazy to tell me and admit that he did it of course.

I was so embarrassed and really disappointed with myself for being so idiot and careless!

So stupid for leaving my things without any hesitation that someone may steal them. Thank God I brought my cp inside my pocket.

Because I got no choice, I asked the counterman if I would permit me to go out to find a solution to pay them. I left my other things to assure them I’ll be back.

I went to school to find some friends and asked help(to lend me some money).Kinapalan ko na ang mukha ko. After an hour, I saw Sheena and Rachel(my best friends). Wala na silang pera that time so they were not able to lend me. But they helped me find someone who could help me with my problem. In the end, the person I never thought I would be asking for help saved me. Thanks to Geraldine, the 2005 Mutya ng South Cotabato, who happened to be my best friend way back in grade school.

Inside my wallet were 700+PhP(pamasahe ko sana papuntang Gen.San) and some of my brother’s receipts for his required payments for enrollment.

It was really a sad incident. There are things we don't expect to happen that really happen. I couldn't get my wallet back anymore. I just wish the school didn’t lose their copies for the list of payers, else will pay again. *sigh* I just have to be more careful next time. I wont trust any person I don’t know from now on so the incident wont happen again!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Have you ever heard the story of “The Ant and the Grasshopper”? Well, I remember it was my favorite story when I was in grade school.

The story is all about an ant who works all day and night looking for food and then store it in his little house(a tiny hole). And a grasshopper who spends his whole day playing. He had no care of the things around him as long as he is happy and enjoying.

One day, an unexpected circumstance happened. There came a heavy rain that washed the land and destroyed plants that serve as food for insects. Now the poor grasshopper has no place to go and nothing to eat. Meanwhile, in his house ant was busy eating. Ant had plenty food to eat because he stored many of it when the weather was fine. No problem to tend to…just ‘when will the rain stop’ for him to work again. Hoping the rain already stopped, ant went out to his hole to see the sun but he saw his wet friend grasshopper chilling in cold instead.

Ant welcomed his friend inside his house and gave him food to eat. Ant let grasshopper stay with him until the rain stoped.

Grasshopper’ heart was full gratitude for ant. He could not explain how sorry and regretful he was for being so lazy. The ant he thought silly before for working day and night saved his life.

Grasshopper learned his lesson and promised to be industrious from then on.

That’s where the story ends. Really like it because it’s so inspiring. It gives us lesson to work hard in preparation for the future. It also tells us that if we are doing NOTHING to make our lives better, we will end up with NOTHING!

“Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga!”