Friday, November 27, 2009

Sleepy head....

There's nothing, actually, that's running in my mind right's already 4:10 in the morning and I'm still wide awake...i'm awake for more than eyes are already tired and and my head is already aching. I really wanted to sleep na but I wont because I can't. I would probably get used to this as the time goes by. It's just that this is my first time to be in a night shift and this is like a culture shock for my body and mind.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Facing the Outside World

It's so amazing how the clock runs so fast. It's like yesterday I was a little innocent girl, incognizant of the world around her. Today, I am a woman( though not yet fully grown) facing the journey of the outside world. Tomorrow? Who can guess what will happen? Though I'm certain with my goals, the road to surpass is still unknown. There will be challenges and trials along the way but I'm ready because I know that Lord God is with me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

To Live is NOT to Suffer

Life is a continuous challenge and congest for humans to survive. It's a battle against sorrow, pain and trials. It's full of sacrifices. Humans need to suffer in order for him/her to get what he/she order for him/her to be famous and order for him/her to achieve his goal. Thus, to live is to suffer!

Those were the things I thought before. Later did I realize that I was wrong. Indeed life is a continuous challenge and conquest but it should not be associated with suffering. Sorrow, pain and trials exist for humans to grow and appreciate life. Success and fame are achieved simply because humans deserve those things...we deserve to be successful and famous---we have the capacity, ability and faith to make it on top. We make sacrifices because we believe in a much nicer, much better and wonderful out come. Also God, who have given us life, does not want us to see living as a mere suffering. He does not want us to feel and experience that. We may sometimes feel that we are, indeed, suffering but truth is: we are NOT. God just want to teach us to become a better person and to remind us that He is just around...just trust Him and everything will be alright.

Thus, to live is not to suffer. It is for us to value...and to make use of the learnings we get from it. Obstacles are not made for us to feel distressed and to suffer. "We just have to keep our Faith in Him and all things will work together for good." Endings are always accompanied with surprise twist ^_^

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The LacFloBa's Political System

pol system

Various Philosophers(ristotle's, V.O. Key's, Plato's, etc.) had given their ideas/models of a Perfect Political System that governments(in ancient times) should apply in order to attain stability in the state. By studying those ideas and models and analyzing the present situation of our political system, my classmates and I have come up with our own idea/model of a political system that could be applied in the philippine political settings at present.
The above illustration tells about the Political System i am talking.The title LacFloBa's was picked from our surnames, "Lac" for lacson(that's me), "Flo" for Flores, and "Ba" for Barosso.
Here is the explanation of it:

Education, obedience to the law and participation are the first means that should be seen in the ruled/governed people. The ruled should have proper education for them to obey and participate in the political activities and to choose good rulers. The second is the rulers. They came from the ruled people who are educated and, by that they, must have the power/authority, charisma, virtue, control to their people and perform a good administration over the people. After selecting qualified rulers who posses all the means, it will justify the ends which are as follows: justice, equality of rights and even in gender, stability and development in the society. With these ends, the society will produce competitive and skilled people and, in turn, will give respect and, eventually, give their full cooperation for the betterment of the society.

I wish this system is applied in the Philippines...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Quite Disappointed

I'm am just so disappointed...

Last Wednesday while waiting for my Lola in KCC mall, I went to the bookstore to see some books--cheap books. The first thing I saw was a John Grisham book. When I saw that the book was cheaper I hurriedly came to the counter. I was at the counter when I saw another Grisham book(I just love John Grisham that is!!!), an expensive one. I reserved the book in the counter for an hour until my Lola arrived. I was thinking that I would make my Lola buy the books for me but I realized that two books are much of a burden for her since I had her bought a dress and a slacks for me, so I decided to just buy one and reserve the other one. The sales boy permitted me to reserve the book for two days and that is until today. But I was disappointed to know that they already sold the book I reserved when I went to the bookstore a while ago. :( so sad... They said that they thought I wouldn't come back to buy the book so they decided to sell it hours before I came back for it. *sigh* Well, they said that they were sorry and will just request for more Grisham books...they got my name and number..said they'll contact me once the books arrive.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just Visiting

The last time I updated this blog was two months ago(on my 20th birthday). I cannot totally say that I’m back again in the blogsphere(this post is not an implication). It’s just that it’s hard to maintain a healthy blog when you don’t have an internet connection at home and you are just renting in an internet café like me. As a blogger you have to maintain a good traffic to also maintain good PR. This page got a PR of 3 before…and according to some of my fellow bloggers it was good( though I didn’t understand them at first) but for me it was excellent. Well, it’s just that ‘what would you expect for a newbie like me?’. Though I log-in almost everyday before, I could not seem to master the whole sphere because my time(and also my money) is limited and I am still a student. 3 hours a day is not enough to update your blog, read comments, read messages from your fellow blogger, read their post, post comments, send messages and etc.

But to tell you honestly, blogging have contributed a lot to my being. This is where I made a new circle of friends from all over the world, I get to know the attitude and culture of other nationalities through my bloggers posts, get to know places that were unknown to me before… and I get inspired and enlightened by the experiences and brilliant ideas of my fellow bloggers… and ofcourse this is where I discovered that, somehow, I can write a little… somehow I get others opened their minds and inspired them by my writings. I maybe cannot update this blog as often as I can but one thing is for sure, I’ll find ways to visit here and post some of my thoughts. And If we can afford to get our computer connected to the internet few months from now, then maybe that’s when the time that I can say “I’m back!.”