Friday, August 14, 2009

Quite Disappointed

I'm am just so disappointed...

Last Wednesday while waiting for my Lola in KCC mall, I went to the bookstore to see some books--cheap books. The first thing I saw was a John Grisham book. When I saw that the book was cheaper I hurriedly came to the counter. I was at the counter when I saw another Grisham book(I just love John Grisham that is!!!), an expensive one. I reserved the book in the counter for an hour until my Lola arrived. I was thinking that I would make my Lola buy the books for me but I realized that two books are much of a burden for her since I had her bought a dress and a slacks for me, so I decided to just buy one and reserve the other one. The sales boy permitted me to reserve the book for two days and that is until today. But I was disappointed to know that they already sold the book I reserved when I went to the bookstore a while ago. :( so sad... They said that they thought I wouldn't come back to buy the book so they decided to sell it hours before I came back for it. *sigh* Well, they said that they were sorry and will just request for more Grisham books...they got my name and number..said they'll contact me once the books arrive.