Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anguish(BJE MOA)

I can't explain what anguish I am feeling towards Malacañang right now! If it was not for that BJE(Bangsamoro Juridical Entity) MOA(Memorandum of Agreement) there would be no civil war going on in Mindanao right now!!! Yes, I am so blaming Malacañang(especially GMA) for this matter! They are just doing this to pursue their own personal interest! If BJE will be created automatic there will be a change in the charter because the ARMM has separate provision in the constitution. A change in the charter will, thus, lead to the extension of the term of the present administration. Their greediness have already eaten them up that they'll do everything, even killing their own people just to stay in power.

PEACE?!? the heck! BJE will not resolve the issue in Mindanao! Why? First, not all the leaders of ARMM are approved in the said MOA because if the BJE is established they will be under the Federal System. Therefore, they cannot do what ever they want to do to their respective provinces of the Bangsa Moro place. Second and the worst, it's not really the ARMM alone that the MILF are claiming their ancestral domain, it's the WHOLE Mindanao. If we will give them the ARMM they would think that we are afraid of them and soon they will conquer Mindanao as well...BJE is just the first step! Third, the MOA/BJE violates many provision in the constitution...thus, it's unconstitional. If the MILF cannot respect the constitution itself why give them the full right to ARMM?

In order for us to attain PEACE we should LEARN to RESPECT one another regardless of culture, race and religion!!!

Nakakainis! basta basta nalang sila gumagawa ng hakbang without even consulting the people! They shoul'd have informed us...but they kept silent beacuse they have their own hidden agendas bihind this MOA. Without the Supreme Court's TRO, MOA wouldn't have been known to the people!!!! Buti naman sana kung sila angapektado sa gulo dito sa Mindanao, eh hindi naman eh...KAMI ang LABIS na APEKTADO!!! We are afraid and panicking for the possible things to happen!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moving a Holiday into another Day

Ninoy Aquino Day (Rep. Act. 9256)is a public holiday in the Philippines observed annually on August 21. It marks the anniversary of assassination of former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr. Returning to the Philippines after three years of self-imposed exile, Aquino was shot in the head and killed on August 21, 1983 as he was escorted off an airplane by soldiers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Today is August 19, and it's public holiday. Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo moved the holiday(The Ninoy Aquino Day) on Monday instead of Thursday. Actually she(GMA) always moves the dates of holidays especially when the real date strikes in the middle of week. The reason for this according "daw" to GMA is for the family to spend longer time together. On my own opinion on the another hand, moving a public holiday into another day defeats the real purpose/essence of it. It's disrespecting the law and the the holiday itself. Bakit pa ginawa ang holiday na yan kung imomove lang pala sa ibang araw!?!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SP for School Days only?!?

What I really don't like when riding a tricycle or jeepney is when the driver or conductor asks more than the fare mandated by the government.

Pupils and Students are given SP(student privilege) of about some(i don't know the exact percentage) percent off in any land travel fare(I don't know to water and air travel--haven't rode in an airplane or ship for a long long time-- if they offer SP's too) like down town. They(we) are given such privilege for the reasons that they(we) are not yet earning and still dependent to their(our ) parents or guardians.

The jeepney drivers and conductors in our terminal know me already for I always ride(for more than 4 years now) in their jeepneys everyday. Now the regular fare from the City to Tampakan is 18php and for students is 16php. There are times that I pay them more than the amount that I should be paying them and there are times that I pay what is just for me to give them.

Going home one Saturday when I paid the conductor 16php. He insisted that I should give him 18php. I told him that I am a student and he argued that it was Saturday and '
no class' during Saturdays. phew.. Got deafen by those words of him...and that was then that i started to make taray.

There are also times when I ride down town that tricycle drivers ask how much you're going to pay them. Hello?! They know already how much the fare is, why ask?! When that happens to me, maghahanap na kaagad ako na iba pang masasakyan.

I know that how expensive the gasoline is and I know how small the profit of a driver. Actually, I often pay more than the amount na dapat kung babayaran pag sumasakay ako ng tricycle...pero yan eh kung 'yong driver eh walang reklamo o hindi ako tinatanong kung magakano ang babayaran kung ang driver eh nakiusap talaga na dagdagan ko ang pamasahe. Hindi naman 'yan problema eh. Pero pag abusado ang driver, naku...magkakasubukan talaga kami ng salita!

I looked for the provision on that SP but, unfortunately, I didn't found it. I wanted to know if it is stated there that SP effects only during school days. But come to think of it noh, wether it's weekend/holiday or not a student is a student! They cannot deny the fact they(we) are still dependent to their (our) parents in terms of financial matters!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blogging is a Fulfillment!

Just received my personal google adsense personal identification pin last Saturday---too bad I can’t use it anymore… *sigh* Anyways, ok lang, I made another account naman. But I wont close this account though. This is where I started as a social blogger, why close it? Still gonna post my opinions and ideas here. J

About my google adsense disability, wasn’t really that sad though. First and foremost, I love blogging, wether I gain or not it’s okay with me…because I’m happy sharing my thoughts and opinions about things.

The fulfillment in blogging is not how you make money but on how you express yourself and touch the lives of other people through your writing. Thus, blogging in the sense is already a fulfillment!