Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SP for School Days only?!?

What I really don't like when riding a tricycle or jeepney is when the driver or conductor asks more than the fare mandated by the government.

Pupils and Students are given SP(student privilege) of about some(i don't know the exact percentage) percent off in any land travel fare(I don't know to water and air travel--haven't rode in an airplane or ship for a long long time-- if they offer SP's too) like down town. They(we) are given such privilege for the reasons that they(we) are not yet earning and still dependent to their(our ) parents or guardians.

The jeepney drivers and conductors in our terminal know me already for I always ride(for more than 4 years now) in their jeepneys everyday. Now the regular fare from the City to Tampakan is 18php and for students is 16php. There are times that I pay them more than the amount that I should be paying them and there are times that I pay what is just for me to give them.

Going home one Saturday when I paid the conductor 16php. He insisted that I should give him 18php. I told him that I am a student and he argued that it was Saturday and '
no class' during Saturdays. phew.. Got deafen by those words of him...and that was then that i started to make taray.

There are also times when I ride down town that tricycle drivers ask how much you're going to pay them. Hello?! They know already how much the fare is, why ask?! When that happens to me, maghahanap na kaagad ako na iba pang masasakyan.

I know that how expensive the gasoline is and I know how small the profit of a driver. Actually, I often pay more than the amount na dapat kung babayaran pag sumasakay ako ng tricycle...pero yan eh kung 'yong driver eh walang reklamo o hindi ako tinatanong kung magakano ang babayaran kung ang driver eh nakiusap talaga na dagdagan ko ang pamasahe. Hindi naman 'yan problema eh. Pero pag abusado ang driver, naku...magkakasubukan talaga kami ng salita!

I looked for the provision on that SP but, unfortunately, I didn't found it. I wanted to know if it is stated there that SP effects only during school days. But come to think of it noh, wether it's weekend/holiday or not a student is a student! They cannot deny the fact they(we) are still dependent to their (our) parents in terms of financial matters!


Pinay WAHM said...

Hey Ella...

Hopped here. So ano, tinarayan mo ba ang mga gustong mang gantso? Ay talaga ang nakaka pag init ng ulo...I remember doing that once sa taxi naman. That's why I stopped taking the taxi...

Anyway, I hope your weekend is going ok.


aL|e said...

@pinay wahm

taray mo lang?! hehehe... hindi na nga sya nakapag salita when i asked him kung alam ba nya kung anu ang ibig sabihin ng SP! :)