Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anguish(BJE MOA)

I can't explain what anguish I am feeling towards Malacañang right now! If it was not for that BJE(Bangsamoro Juridical Entity) MOA(Memorandum of Agreement) there would be no civil war going on in Mindanao right now!!! Yes, I am so blaming Malacañang(especially GMA) for this matter! They are just doing this to pursue their own personal interest! If BJE will be created automatic there will be a change in the charter because the ARMM has separate provision in the constitution. A change in the charter will, thus, lead to the extension of the term of the present administration. Their greediness have already eaten them up that they'll do everything, even killing their own people just to stay in power.

PEACE?!? the heck! BJE will not resolve the issue in Mindanao! Why? First, not all the leaders of ARMM are approved in the said MOA because if the BJE is established they will be under the Federal System. Therefore, they cannot do what ever they want to do to their respective provinces of the Bangsa Moro place. Second and the worst, it's not really the ARMM alone that the MILF are claiming their ancestral domain, it's the WHOLE Mindanao. If we will give them the ARMM they would think that we are afraid of them and soon they will conquer Mindanao as well...BJE is just the first step! Third, the MOA/BJE violates many provision in the constitution...thus, it's unconstitional. If the MILF cannot respect the constitution itself why give them the full right to ARMM?

In order for us to attain PEACE we should LEARN to RESPECT one another regardless of culture, race and religion!!!

Nakakainis! basta basta nalang sila gumagawa ng hakbang without even consulting the people! They shoul'd have informed us...but they kept silent beacuse they have their own hidden agendas bihind this MOA. Without the Supreme Court's TRO, MOA wouldn't have been known to the people!!!! Buti naman sana kung sila angapektado sa gulo dito sa Mindanao, eh hindi naman eh...KAMI ang LABIS na APEKTADO!!! We are afraid and panicking for the possible things to happen!!!!


Joy0z said...

Thanks for comment visit dear. Relax and unwind to fight stress

WeblogLearner said...

Hi Weng. I am concerned. What is this thing about? Is this the stuff I read around and heard over the TV here in Europe that Mindanao is separating? I mean, totally becoming independent? As I read in your post, portion lang pala, i though it was the whole island?

Ilovephilippinestoo said...

Oh, my uncle is in mindanao as well, together with the brother of my granny. But I actually don't know the real situation. I have never been to Mindanaounlike my pop and uncles and titas but about this thing you talk about, I cannot really react that much as I am uninformed. I hope to be cleared on this soon. Makabasa na nga.

I revised the because it has PR3 now. This means all my posts will have a stronger possibility of being read. In fact I am happy that people from all over the world has been reacting to my posts even though I have abandoned the site for more than half a year.

I have added this blog to my two new domains pala.

Ilocana said...

When GMA first sat down as President, I said to myself, she's the right one and fit to serve our country. But I guess I spoke too soon.. A lot of things (bad things as in)had happened already and seems to be getting worst especially now about the Mindanao issue. What the heck is she doing and why not the congress or the senate do something about GMA's "drastic" and irrational ideas!!! Don't they have power to to kick her a** out of Malacanang !?? I'm not a Muslim nor from Mindanao but hell, I also feel the fear. Give the rebels what they want and they will still comes back for more. And at the end they want the whole country as well. Soon Christians and good Muslims ain't free anymore..Huh, super inis din talaga ako about this! Well,just hoping for the best Ella! Inspite with all of these chaos, may your days be wonderful ^_^

aL|e said...

With this kind of situation we are having right now there's no time to relax.

It's all about the MOA(memorandum of agreement between the GRP-peace panel and the MILF na sinecreto ng Malacañang... one week before the signing of it sang ng TRO ang court of justice didto lang nabal-an.
the MOA is all the claim of the MILF on the Bangsa Moro Homeland. Parang expanded ARMM siya. It will give an authority to the MILF to rule over that Bansa Moro Homeland to be called as the BJE(BangsaMOro Juridical Entity).
Ngayon, sang nabal-an sang tao ning about cni, xempre damo nagreact specially the congress kaya napornada ang signing kaya ayon, feeling betrayed, the MILF declared ALL OUT WAR in Mindanao.

When GMA became the VP of the Phil, i also said to myself that that i want this woman to be the president of the Philippines. But when she became the President, all i wish for her is to be impeached!
She brought disgrace to the country. Napakaraming issues in her regime na until now wala paring sagot.

well, really don't like her talaga!
napakalayo sa realidad lahat2 ng mga sinasabi nya!

marc said...

I know what you mean. My friend's family was killed by the MILF. Now is that the MILF's fault, or GMA's fault? Does it even matter now? My friend will never get his family back.

What we have to do now is to make sure this sort of thing never happens again. Unfortunately, I'm all out of ideas.

Just thinking aloud.

BTW, interesting blog, I linked you up, okay? Link me up na rin. :)

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twinks said...

Ay sis, ang puso mo..dyosko marami na tayong magkakasakit sa puso neto. I just hope and pray na sana mtapos na ang kaguluhang ito, marami ng nadadamay.
Have a blessed weekend sis..