Monday, February 8, 2010

May Bukas Pa

"May Bukas Pa" was one of my favorite shows on TV. What I really, really like about it was that it tought good values and it reminded his televiewers that God is always with us and he will never leave us. In times of troubles, we'll just have to keep our faith in Him and believe that there's always tomorrow. It was also a very, very good show for kids. Having been awarded as best show wasn't a surprise anymore.

It's sad that the show has ended. The saddest part there was I wasn't able to watch the ending. *sigh* Zaijan(Santino) is an amazing child actor. He is really gifted and blessed. His acting is genuine that you wouldn't think that he's just acting. You'll feel the emotions he expresses. You'll cry when he cries. He made me cry for--can't remember how many times na. Anyways, even though I wasn't able to watch the ending I'm planning to watch it naman on Youtube(sana meron nyan doon) when I have time.

Indeed "May Bukas Pa" was one of the best shows ABS-CBN has made. Almost all Filipinos even those in abroad watched it. And I'm so sure that they're also sad, as I am , to know that the show already waved goodbye. I hope ABS-CBN will make another show that is so much like May Bukas Pa because people will really learn a lot from it. And I hope to see Zaijan again on TV soon.