Saturday, December 14, 2013

The New Chapter

In a few days from now I'll be seeing my little angel...and yes! I'm Excited!!!
Parang kailan lang…  Months ago, I thought of posting about getting into married life. I've actually written a draft of it, but before the said posting happens I missed place it somewhere. I’d tried rewriting it but I could not reproduce the same thought though.
When I was about to get married, I wonder how my life would be after the wedding (civil). Both my husband and I didn’t expect that it would be that soon though we had talks and plans about it already. But life is unpredictable as they say.
As to being a mom soon, I do not really know what to expect—but I do know that there will be much trials to face. People tell me that parenting is quite a challenge. Indeed it is. I’m (we’re) feeling  it already. The preparation for the delivery, the baby’s basic needs when she comes out, all sorts of things.
Parang kalian nga lang I was just thinking about myself now I have to think about the future of my family. With all that is happening in my life now I just think that this is God’s way of showing me what life really is and to nurture me to become better in what I do. We (my husband and I) are maybe put into an unprepared situation but I think the most important thing here is that we are not taking the responsibility for granted. We are doing the best we can to make things better as we go on to the new chapter of our lives.
…Our little angel is coming out soon. A little nervous but I know God will be there.