Thursday, September 24, 2009

The LacFloBa's Political System

pol system

Various Philosophers(ristotle's, V.O. Key's, Plato's, etc.) had given their ideas/models of a Perfect Political System that governments(in ancient times) should apply in order to attain stability in the state. By studying those ideas and models and analyzing the present situation of our political system, my classmates and I have come up with our own idea/model of a political system that could be applied in the philippine political settings at present.
The above illustration tells about the Political System i am talking.The title LacFloBa's was picked from our surnames, "Lac" for lacson(that's me), "Flo" for Flores, and "Ba" for Barosso.
Here is the explanation of it:

Education, obedience to the law and participation are the first means that should be seen in the ruled/governed people. The ruled should have proper education for them to obey and participate in the political activities and to choose good rulers. The second is the rulers. They came from the ruled people who are educated and, by that they, must have the power/authority, charisma, virtue, control to their people and perform a good administration over the people. After selecting qualified rulers who posses all the means, it will justify the ends which are as follows: justice, equality of rights and even in gender, stability and development in the society. With these ends, the society will produce competitive and skilled people and, in turn, will give respect and, eventually, give their full cooperation for the betterment of the society.

I wish this system is applied in the Philippines...

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