Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Life is really unpredictable...T_T

just read Tina's latest post...and i was really shocked sa nabasa ko. Parang nanindig lahat ng balahibo ko. I can't believe it! I'd never met ate emel personally(pati c tina)--just met her at the mIRC, a chat server-- but they became part of my life kahit papaano. Nakakalungkot talaga...and sa totoo lang, para na akong maiiyak(how much more sila tina and her other friends). i've seen their friendship and how much they value one another.. pero talaga ngang ganito ang buhay.. *sigh*

i wish you peace Ate emel! i'll cherish the moments na nag-uusap tayo.


ginabeloved said...

hi there! :) thanks for the visit :) sorry quite busy, by the way, hope you can support my blog again by droppin you vote. the poll site's in my blog.

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

sister! paki vote ng "aloha wedding" sa www.carlotaonline.com

tina said...

hi Weng... until now... di pa diod ko katuo.. but i know she is alright na... *HUGS* ma miss diod nako sya ai.. hayhay

aL|e said...

mamiss jud na nimo...but as long as she is in your heart she'll remain alive! :)