Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Culrpits

hi guys! :) how are you? miss yah!!! am just checkin you.*wink*

The people who make gossips and always talk about other people's lives have big dark secret that's why they want to shift the attention of other people from them.( do you agree with that?) these people are pitiful, yah know... and really irritating! whew...! they make stories and tell bad things about you and embarrass you in front of other people... only to find out in the end that those stories they made are their own. i tell you guys, these people are just full of envy and jealousy. they are culprits of those doings and the best way to hide is to throw those things to others.. haaayyzzz...


I Love Philippines! said...

Hmmmmm... may pinapainggan po ba? Hehehe... You are right, the lowest form of human bei.ngs talk about people.... i forgot the whole statement na nga but the highest form talks about society yata like politics.

Kumusta na? Back to school kana ba? I mean, sa June pa ang opeing but there might be some activities.... BTW, have you read my latest post? I am transferring my blogs to a more organized one... try to see

twinkletoe said...

hello sis.. musta bakasyon? enjoy?
about your post.. hahay...i had a friend who made up crazy story about me..and it was all a lie.. nobody believed her coz known na sya na tsismosa.. for me. mga KSP sila and I don't waste my precious time listening to them.. magkakawrinkles lang!
miss yah! :]

aL|e said...

meron sana eh.. kaso di nya nman yan maririnig kasi hndi nman xa ngablog.. hehehe

hmm... mabuti na man.. heheyah, sa june pa ang opening. mingaw gani.. hehehe... pagbalik ko from lake sebu tambay lang ko sa balay, hampang comp. games(hangaroo kag starcraft--wala man nternet), basa lang na. haaayzzz..

oh yah, kita ko na. mas organize gid man.. how did you make it? :)

hi twinks! :)korek ka jan! pag pinansin mo cla magkakawrinkles ka lang... hahaha. ok lang man ko, naa na ko balay...nakauli na.. hehehe..

tina said...

something's in the air?

musta ang vacation mo? take care always.. and have fun...! :)

desperate blogger said...

hi! please update my link to


my old link might be any of these

and life goes on



123 said...

Well, it's not something so complicated. ga practice lang ako in case someday may time and appetite (hehehe) ko maghimu sang tuod nga a way practice eh and enjoying man mag obra sang blog.

Actually di na gani grabe blog exposure ko.. well, hard work on writing jobs ako by now... i need to recompensate ang expense sang bag-o nga laptop... but in fairness, laptops in europe are much cheaper than there... hmmm... 600 euros lang ni ang akon but super good... ready with all you need... and the catch? you can choose to pay in any term , a year, two year or 3 years but 600 euro pa din ang total, no onterest....di ba bongga? hehehe...

staying in milan... found work but waiting for first assignment pa.. cge, i miss the time when i could read and relax...kakainggit ka naman ..

123 said...

by the way, if you want the sme style sang new blog ko (as you have said mas organized guidman), you can download free layouts and personalised it... mine was originally the blogger green pasture free layout. i personalised the background headings instead of greener pasture.

as for the links, the various divisions and pages, they are like independent blogs... one page/link there means one blog... kind of meticulous work but i enjoyed doing it man...hmmm... i guess i will post how sa blog ko in bloglearning... just watch out para detailed, ok?