Thursday, March 13, 2008

I can make a difference

We(they) have just elected the new set of officers for the next school year in our club. Well, didn’t(intentionally) attend on the said election. It’s not that I don’t care about the club nor I am passive or what. I just don’t want to be in the position.

After the day of the election, Thaiza(the newly elected treasurer, a tagalong speaking girl) asked me “Ate weng, bakit hindi ka umattend sa election natin sa club?” I just smile at her and said “Wala lang… di ko lang feel… basta!” then she told me that they will supposedly nominate me as the VP of the club since it is said in our(club) existing constitution and by laws that the 3 major officers should come from the incoming 4th years. Now, what happened was that the newly elected VP was an incoming third year student so the election of VP was a null and void. But the 2006-2007 officers drafted a new provision which stated that lower years can hold a major position in the club provided that he/she is qualified in the said position. Now the issue(haha..have learned my cases na!) is whether the club will ratify the draft for Jomarie(the elected VP) to claim the position legall . I was shocked na may ganoon palang problema.

Now on my own opinion, there is no way for us not to ratify the said provision(talagang ayaw maging officer noh?). It is not a problem whether the person or student comes from a lower year as long as he/she is qualified in the said position. So, a big YES for new the provision!!! J

After the conversation with Thaiza I posed and thought for a while. If I was there(in the election) and nominated as the VP, would I accept the position? Would I take the responsibility if I win? Uhmmm… I guess, NO. It’s not that am afraid with the responsibilities or what…have my OWN REASONs for it. I have thought for it before and decided not to attend on the club election. So what if I’m not an officer? Can I not be a good member? Can I not help my club? A good public service does not matter on the position you have but the HEART you have for it. If you’re just an ordinary citizen it doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer to help the state. By being a good follower of the law, faithful and loyal to the government(NOT to the officials), by being a good citizen, you are surely helping your state!

What are those reasons why I don’t want to be an officer?
There are people(not all of course) kasi that are obvious of having their own personal interest in the club…people you can’t get along with…and attitudes you can’t take. I don’t want to pretend. I am just a human being, finite. No matter how open or broad minded I am, I still have my limitations, I am not perfect. So for me not to go beyond the limitations, I have to do something. I want to show to them that you are there in the club not for the reason that your “title” as an officer will be written on your affiliation(admit it’s needed you haunt for a job but it’s not what I mean though) or you will be SOMEBODY in the school etc. You are there in the position to SERVE and NOT for anything else!

I also want to focus more on my community. I just don’t know why I am like this, all I know is that this is where I belonged. Most of the people there(in my community) are poor(not that poor talaga…parents can. somehow, send their children to college though—hindi nga lang sa mga private universities kasi nga kulang sa financial) and the youth are going on the wrong path. I want to share to them my learnings at school because nowadays,because of modernization, instead being the HOPE of the society, youths are becoming BURDENS. They are lack of self-awareness and I want it to be installed in their minds. Actually, my friend Abner(also a youth advocate and a leader) and I came up with an idea to facilitate activities intended for the youth of our puroks and for others who want to join us, that will make the youth unconsciously learn and be aware with what is happening around them. The proposed activities were quiz bowl(questions are related to issues in the society), parlor games where they can develop leadership skills, sharing of knowledge where in everyone of us will share the realities we have seen in the society at gawan ng analysis or reflection. We are also planning to cooperate with the SK officials, headed by my brother, for the activities to be more formal. Tentative pa siya kung matutuloy o hindi but I am really looking forward to it. Sana matuloy.

WHO you are and WHAT your are in the society doesn’t matter, it is on what you HAVE DONE to make a difference for the betterment of the society.


I Love Philippines! said...

Wow! i see myself back when i was in high and elementary school. Well i hate elections. Plus, i am so mataray and i know was hard for me to win. It was only after thrd yr high when people stared to vote me and nominate me. Hwever, my adviser in school publication always run on elections telling me to decline and i was always happy to go out of the hall with her! it made all official nt to be elected. I hate bureaucracy and politic7. Be it at school or anywhere, its always dirty for me.

I Love Philippines! said...

However, in university, even i was even more mataray and liberated in my outfit#(think of surfing short in univ and back less tops with matching tsinelas), i was stil voted as our block rep from thrd year to fifth yr. I dunno why, whenever we talk of block representation, all eyes and fingers were pointing at me. No choice anymore, no more sciool publication adviser to save me! until nw i dunno why they liked to choose me, maybe because i always fight and i could confront anyone, be it a professor or a dep heag.

aL|e said...

weee(para maiba sa wow). lol.. politics actually is not dirty it becomes dirty because of peoples of own self-interests..

can't imagine myself wearing back less top... hehehe...

anyways, have you read my reply on your comment on my previous post? i asked you there kung pwede ko ba ma share sa mga classmate ko ong imo article nga "why the philippines is poor".. kung ok lang man sa imo ah.

thank you gid for giving comments on my posts. hehehe

I Love Philippines! said...

Wow! Share sa classmate moh? Hahaha! Flattered ako ah! Whats the purpose of writing there is not to be shared aber? Its for all to know... the more who would know it, the more it serves its purpose to be there.

Hahah! Actually, i don't know why i look at politics so dirty. Maybe its the fact that I have grown to it... Hmmm... I tried clicking pala the post you made in shoutmix (my shoutbox)..Is it really for the domains? Coz domain adds came out when i clicked it.

Anyway, I have been surprise these last few days with my feedjit showing that some of my articles come out in the first page of yahoo "why philippines is poor" , "philippine crab mentality" among others... There are around three latest posts on crab mentality that are not member of the blogger world.. There is one that really got angry coz she experienced it first hand. I am thinking of posting it. Maybe you can check and I have to hear your opinion. The bad thing is, I don't have any more means to get back to that person, even she wrote name in it, to ask her permission if I can make it a a new post....Just see what she said to see what I mean.

aL|e said...

hmmm... daming articles, not sure kung saan don... only read one, hindi ba amo ni?===>

my exam abi ko karon ah... dungol noh? la pa gstudy ba... geh ah... check it na lang ulit nex time....

I Love Philippines! said...

Hmm.. ok lang na. Actually, studying is not that needed. I knew it. Hahah! i can really see myself in you! Parehos id ta ya batasan! I just have "LUCK", a big one why passed my CPA board examination.

At the university level, i never studied too.. it was more fun to have soccer kaya! But as i said, with much fighting spirit and BIG LUCK, i made it on time without any failing grade. Don't worry, practicality (Diskarte) is a better weapon than unapplied brilliace. take it from me..hehehe

Hmmm.. haba ng discourse natin about SK ah.. I have replied to it na.

Buligan mo lng si "toto"... or whatever you call your brother eh para maka award kamu liwat for the third time.

Ari ang link sang natukoy ko...

deejaye eleven said...

naku. not sure. pero parang ganun din ung sa org namin nun.. or need to have an experience as an officer before running? hahaha.