Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to Overcome Depression

When feeling heavy or when our heart is broken, normally we are depressed. We feel that nobody loves us and the world is agains us...

The following are some tips to overcome depression:

1. Write. writing is the best way of expressing one's emotion. When you are depressed just write all the pains you feel inside on a diary(you can also put it on your blog) or write a poem about what you feel. It will help you ease the pain.

2. Talk to a Mere Acquaintance or Stranger. We have this attitude sometimes that we want to look okay in front of the peolple we are closely related with(family, friends, etc.) though we are bleeding inside because we don't want them to be worried or feel sorry for us. Talking to a mere acquaintance or a stranger is helpful. If you are in a canteen or in a place wherein you barely knew the people around you, find/join a/the person whom you think is alone like you. Or go to an internet cafe(if your pc have no access to the internet or you don't have pc at all) and chat. Share them what you feel. It will lessen the burden plus you wont feel shame--- if you are, you don't really care at all because you don't really know the person you are sharing with and for sure he/she would feel the same way too and you will not know, perhaps, he/she might share his/her own burdens too.

3. Listen to Musics. Broken hearted person loves listening to music especially those which they can relate to. While listening, tears are also falling from the eyes and it's normal. Crying is a good way of releasing the pain we feel inside---it's good enough instead of thinking to destroy one's self.

4. Read. Read books about sufferings and break-ups. Like the same explanation in number 3, while reading such books the pains we feel are little by little coming outside us.

5. Talk to the Mirror. Go in front of the mirror when feeling heavy. Talk to the image infront of you. You can cry if you want and feel too and throw him/her all the words that best describes your emotions. Doing such surely ease the pain.

Pains and sufferings are part of life. That's one indication of being human.

There are so many ways to overcome depressions. Those mention above are just some tips/advice I can offer you based on my personal experienced. I hope those will help you ease the pain you feel inside.

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