Friday, February 29, 2008


Man is really hard to understand and life is really full of contradictions.

  1. We know what's the right and good thing to do yet we tend to do the opposite.
  2. We ask questions sometimes but actually, we have answers in mind already. We just want to compare our toughts to that of the others.
  3. We smile but deep inside we are bleeding.
  4. We seek advices for our problems or for anything but in the end our heart's desires prevail. and lastly;
  5. We have bright ideas in mind but we don't find a way to put all those ideas into action.

Isn't it just so ironic? What can you say?
Well I think, the last one is best described the Filipinos. They say that 'Philippines is rich in intelligent people', our leaders come from the most standard schools in the country and even abroad--sa sobrang talino, harapan at garapalan kung mangurakot-- yet the country is not improving. Where are the brains of those so called "intelligent people"? I am not only referring to the government, huh, but to all citizens as well. The reason why corruption is rampant in the government is because the society itself is corrupt! The fact is the Philippines will remain hopeless if we don't make any actions...sabi nga eh,"

Evil will prevail when good men do nothing"

oooppppsss! I guess that's all--baka kung saan pa mapunta ang usapan! hehehe... hmmm.. so what do you think my fellow countrymen?

Thank God I have vacant time to post something.. :)


bluedreamer27 said...

you got one entry for "top five hottest blog" (nominated by "i love philippines")

I Love Philippines! said...

Hi Weng! You make me remember a short message (sms) sent to me one time. It says something like God has created the country (philippines) with perfect climate, intelligent people, rich natural resources.. then saint peter asked... but why you created them perfectly? the God told "No...all is with balance. I give them the lousiest leaders.".

ginabeloved said...

guess not man but Filipinos. lol:)

aL|e said...

saw it na.. thanks!

kaw gid ba... hmmmm.. salamat sa pagnominate ha,daw nhuya ko ah.. hehehe..
oopppssss... cnxa gali, was not able to send you an email... busy gid abi ah...

hahaha.. hmmmm... may point ka jan! :)

I Love Philippines! said...

Dnt be shy., hehe. Uhmhm.. There r 4 others i nominatd. Ang isa pa nga relatd so post mu nga ni as i read again, masarap dw ang bawal. Mrover, we pinoys are knwn fr isang khig isang tuka. Live for today and we wori bout tmorow wen it comes. Actuali its obvious wd our dpletng forests n mountains. Plus d mountains n rivers of garbage. We dnt thnk of the future!