Friday, February 8, 2008

Real FRIENDS!!! is your One Stop Shop
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After the burial of Rachel's father, my friends and I went to the mall. It was our first time to hangout again after a year.. kinda missed them... I realized that life is not really perfect without a friend...

Speaking of friends, when I came over here inside the net cafe, there's a site that was not closed in this computer I am renting. I was about to close the site when i saw the images with quotes about friends on the site... I was touched by the quotes so i decided to post some of them. is your One Stop Shop

What does friendship really mean?
Here, check out the quotes below:

You will know that a person is really a true friend if he/she is always there through thick and thin... and a person that will always be faithful to you(provided that you are in the correct path). The only person whom you can trust! is your One Stop Shop
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The quote above is true... only to a friend whom you can be yourself and feel comfortable with. is your One Stop Shop
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As I said, a true friend is the only person whom you could be trusted. A person whom you can share your secrets and whom you can be assured that you will not be betrayed. He/she knows all about you. Shares everything... is your One Stop Shop
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No matter what happen a real friend is always there for you. He/She will never leave you! is your One Stop Shop
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A friend always wish you the bests! is your One Stop Shop
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Friends are always there to help us no matter how hard our problem is. is your One Stop Shop
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A friend knows you inside out. is your One Stop Shop
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What matter is you are friends no matter how l0ng the distance is.. She/he is always in the heart and never forgotten. is your One Stop Shop
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Friends are like angels who guides us to the correct paths. When you commit mistake, he/she would never hate you nor leave you, instead, he/she will hug you and tells you that 'it's ok to make mistakes... so once you have committed one, never ever do it gain or you will make the same mistake again...' is your One Stop Shop
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...that's very true
No matter how hard the life is, as long as you have friends, things become perfect!

Those images-quotes above are touchy, isn't it?
Just imagine a life without a friend.. hmmm... miserable, right? it sucks!


I Love Philippines! said...

Hey! One thing i notice about you weng! Walang kasing observant kang bata ka. Lahat naririnig at nakikita mo! Hahaha, kahit itong open site napansin mo. Hmmm.. you have a future career as a cetective or an investigator.

The balimtayms post, you just overheard! Wow! It;s a talent I tell you. Ako kasi I have this kind of world na medyo close if i don't want to listen.. ikaw dinig you pa din..

Keep it up and ingat. One thing though na observant ako. I have seen five pick pockets within 21 years of my existence! LOL!

aL|e said...

sabi nga nila, scorpios are observant and investigative people...pero di naman ako naniniwala sa horoscope. I think nasa tao talaga yan!