Friday, February 29, 2008

Life's Contradictions

Life is really full of contradictions.

Just take a look at this:

  • We know what are the right and good things to do yet we tend to do the opposite.
  • We ask questions sometimes but actually we knew the answers already. We just want to compare our ideas to others.
  • We smile but deep inside we are bleeding.
  • We seek advices for our problems or anything but in the end our heart's desires prevail.and lastly;
  • We have bright ideas but we don't find a way to put all those ideas into action.

Isn't it just so ironic? Well I think, the last one is best applied for the Filipinos. They say that Philippines is the country of intelligent people--sa sobrang talino, harapan at garapalan kung mangurakot-- yet the country is not improving. Hey, am not only referring to the government, huh, I am referring to all citizens of the country! The society will not produce corrupt officials if the society itself is not corrupt... oooppps! I guess that's all--baka kung saan pa mapunta ang usapan. hehehe.. Well guys, come to think of it...

Well, thank God


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