Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your Award!

It's my first time to receive an award here in the blogworld.. and ngayon ko lang din nalaman na may ganito pala dito.. really surprised.. So thank you so much ilovephilippines for the award! It's really overwhelming. It really means a lot to me.. Kung pwede lang ibalik talagang 'yong award eh gagwain ko talaga. You know naman how much I love your blog. ^_^

Now i would like to give this award (my first award to be given) to the person who brought me into the BlogWorld:

Tina's Life is Meant to be Abundant. This is the blog I love reading whenever I get online (aside ofcorz from ilovephilippines). Actually I've known her for almost a year(but haven't seen her personally yet). A very good friend. Congratulations Tina, this award is for you! *wink*


I Love Philippines! said...

Hello Weng! Sobrang lumalaki tenga ko sayo! hahaah! Congratulations. Well, I am not into awards but since a very good blog friend gave it (Ginabeloved, The Meliorist) I have to happily accept. Also because she is really a great woman and a great person too. Like you I have known here in blog world...

Congratulations and keep up the very good work but of course, prioritize uyour studies..malapit kanag gumradweyt... Hmmmm.. plans plans..

Ingat palagi!

aL|e said...

hehehe... salamat.. ^_6

kaw din, ingat din always..!!